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The making of a marketing campaign

The Ski Resort "1000 Vallées" wants to prove that there is fun for everyone in their ski station. They already have video footages to use, so what would be more convincing than a personalized video ? They go for a video project using a large emailing campaign.

SkewerLab is the perfect tool for that !

(note this is only one example among many that you can achieve with the SkewerLab Solution !)

1. Defining the variables

The ski resort wants to base their experience on two family types : groups of friends and families. These are their main customers, and they know that SkewerLab Studio will allow to add more family types later. The main outdoor activity is skiing, although the resort wants to show more diversity by adding sledge and huskies. The additional activity variable will also help them showcasing different aspects of the resort : relaxing in the spa, showing the variety of food and shops.

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2. Uploading media

From both new shots and older footages from the ski resort's database, the editor will cut sequences and upload them in SkewerLab Studio.

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3. Creating the scenario

Using the family type variable as the main paths, a mindmap-like experience that fits market's expectation and the videomaker's creativity is made.

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4. Validating with collaborators

Through the external preview tool offered by SkewerLab Studio, several iterations of the project could easily be tested and shared. Edits can be made on the spot and shared in an instant.

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5. Integrating the experience

Once the project is validated, bits of code are handled to developers that will integrate the SkewerLab player on the promotion page. A prototype of the page is available here. Notice that only the URL parameters are changing. You can change them as you wish, which makes making CTAs for mailing campaigns easy. 👇 Click on a persona to see what their email would link to.

6. Monitoring

Once online, the project can be monitored through analytics. SkewerLab comes with analytics report but 1000 vallées choses to link it to Google Analytics to have better views on what version of the project has been seen the most, and which one converts more.

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7. Updating & Evolving

1000 Vallées knows there will always be room for change: a footage can be swapped for another in (literally) one click and go live instantly. They can imagine different footages for their summer video, showcasing hiking, biking and more. All using the same variables !

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This is only one example among many possibilities that SkewerLab Studio offers. Do not hesitate to contact us for more information

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