The Video Personalization Solution​

Make videos optimized to tailor content for multiple audiences.​ Thanks to SkewerLab, hundreds of videos can be generated from a single project.

Make KPI oriented video projects with a twist

SCOPE with purpose

Define your KPIs, the audience segments targeted. Identify the personalized part of your message and how you will use user data or input.

CREATE with ease

Conceptualize and ideate in the SkewerLab Studio software, share and iterate with all the stakeholders.

GO LIVE with glee

See your project embedded on webpages as an "on the fly player" or export your videos for social medias and media platforms.

Provide a relevant and unique video experience

1:1 Personalized video

Deliver the best Video Experience to your customer

Ultra-targeted video

Stay above the noise, reach your target and be relevant

Adaptive Video

Deliver the message that your audience is expecting

A solution for marketing , advertising and communicaiton

How personalized video helps all steps of the customer journey

Reach your KPIs and allow for a better brand consistencies by using it in multiple steps


Get your product known by engaging user in a fun interactive project

Consideration & Purchase

Align the targeted audience's needs with yours by displaying something that fits their interest

Customer service

Solve common problems and requests with adaptive videos


Reward your customers & fans by including them in your message


Create at scale

Create a large number of videos on the fly without incremental costs that could be associated with personalization.


Hundreds to millions of videos can be generated from one unique scenario rapidly. Preview and share your creations instantaneously.


Deliver a meaningful video experience to the viewer, increase viewer engagement and reach your KPI.

Offer that fits your needs

Whether you are looking for a video personalization Software to explore by yourself or a partner

Self Serve
You have an in-house team or partner agency and you need to get access to our Studio SaaS Platform
  • Access to SkewerLab Studio
  • Access to online technical ressources
  • 1:1 onboarding on-demand
Managed Service
You need a partner to design, create and integrate the personalized video experience to your campaign
  • Set-up of a dedicated expert team
  • Support throughout the projet
  • Coordination of the different stakeholders

Enter SkewerLab Studio

SAAS platform for video personalization

Scenario Editor

Build your scenario like a mindmap

Preview & Share

Watch the result of the scenario and share it with collaborators

Media Library

Manage Audio and Video assets

Export or Broadcast your videos

Export the versions you need or broadcast the video experiences dynamically

Thanks to our unique on-the-fly editing and delivery solution (patented)
we enable video personalization at scale and at cost.

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We empower humans use data to create videos at scale

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